Terms & Conditions

Once DKI Fisheries have received your completed booking form along with calculated deposit for either, party or individual, your holiday will be reserved. On dispatch of our written confirmation to party organiser/individual your holiday is confirmed.


Outstanding balance for holiday to be received by DKI Fisheries no later than8 weeks before commencement of your holiday. If the period of time is less than 8 weeks before, booking and holiday start date, complete payment is required please.


Once party organiser/individual has signed booking form received by DKI Fisheries, said person will take full authority/ responsibility for all persons included in the holiday.


If final payment balance is not received by required date, DKI Fisheries reserve the right to cancel booking and deposit is automatically forfeited.


Cancellation of confirmed booking will only be accepted in writing from the party organiser/individual, following charges will apply: Cancellation before 8 weeks deposit only

Cancellation less than 8 weeks total cost of holiday.


In the event of a booking change of date request, DKI Fisheries will try to accommodate your needs.


All anglers/non anglers must carry all driving, travel insurance and passport documents with them for the duration of their stay. DKI Fisheries accepts no responsibility for cancellations or delay of crossing arrangements. DKI Fisheries will not be held responsible for any theft, vehicle damage and personal injury whilst on the fishery premises. It is strongly advised all persons carry a European Health Insurance card.


Force Majeure -: DKI Fisheries will not be held liable for loss or delay occasioned by any of the following: Strikes, Political Unrest, Riots, Port Closures, War or Threat of Terrorist Activity, Industrial Disputes, Fire, Technical/Weather problems to transportation, Acts of God or any other events beyond our control.


No Pets allowed.


Children: We do not feel our fishery is suitable for children under the age of 13. Children between the ages of 13 and 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


Your booked holiday cannot be resold and only persons shown on the booking form are allowed into the fishery. If you wish to change a party member this must be arranged beforehand and we will try and accommodate your request